Why are you interested in this job?

Discussion in 'HR Interview Questions' started by hrteam, May 23, 2018.

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  1. hrteam

    hrteam Administrator Staff Member

    Points to remember before you attend this interview question:
    - Assume, now you are sitting in front of the HR manager.
    - Take the initiative to attend this question and tell your real answers.
    - Post your answer now.
  2. lawseun22

    lawseun22 New Member

    am interested in the job so as to widen my knowledge and understanding and also to make an impact in the society
  3. samsun01

    samsun01 New Member

    My proven proficiency in this field and versatility to meet challenges of diversification makes me best fit for the job and I am Keen to take up new challenge to improve my efficiency and promote the organization.

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  4. It's My professional work & I like accept challenges
    ( This is a simple answer) 😊

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