How do you ensure you make no mistakes in work?

Discussion in 'HR Interview Questions' started by James Maniac, May 27, 2018.

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  1. James Maniac

    James Maniac Our Guest

    I sincerely believe mistakes process is learning process, but since I am already a professional, managing mistakes process to optimize more experience has always been my benchmark.
  2. Monica

    Monica Our Guest

    I can never assure you 100% that i will never make any mistakes. But I promise to make sure that I will try to avoid mistakes as much as possible and also try to be careful about my work.
  3. Faiza Yasmin

    Faiza Yasmin Our Guest

    As its said you learn from your mistakes but its not true always, one can also learn through knowledge, practice and good observation. To ensure avoiding mistakes at workplace, understand job responsibilities, think how you are going to perform them. Try to follow instructions given during induction process. If confused about any thing, do not hesitate to seek advice from boss or co workers.
  4. Mistake is a learning process and I believe that nobody is perfect. I will make it sure that I will not repeat the same mistake I have done. I will manage my work accordingly. Review and ask opinion with my colleagues in the decision making to ensure that i will not repeat the same mistake.
  5. samsun01

    samsun01 New Member

    Practice they say yields perfection. I ensure I learn properly and relearn with much practices/simulations and experimentation to master process and methodology in order to eliminate errors and in worst case scenario mitigate it to slight inconsequential permissive errors.

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